i’ve been cyber stunnered for the last time

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moral of the story: football players r dumb

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About Aaron Hernandez.

First off, ignoring the question of how you’re gonna kill a dude execution-style when you have a cool $40 million sitting in the bank…

How are you gonna dump the body a mile away from your house?

A mile? One mile? Really?

If I kill somebody I’m dumping the body farther away from my house than an easy 20 minute walk.

Also, how are you gonna hire professional cleaners to wipe down your house?

If you kill somebody, you better grab some gloves and get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing, dude. Cause that’s all on you.

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Last night I got off work around midnight and decided to chill a bit when I got home.

So it’s like 3/4am before I decide “hey lemme check tumblr real quick and see if anything interesting happened”

And dude.

I have never seen you guys more amped. Everybody was too angry and pissed off. Everybody was speaking in just hyperboles and rage.

It was too much. I just said fuck it and decided to go to bed and catch the recap in the morning.

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James Gandolfini’s death has me down bad.

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Yo working in food is like the worst decision I have ever made in my life jesus christ.

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